Preparing Yourself Medically

While you are on the waiting list, your transplant team will monitor you continuously to make sure you remain suitable for transplant. If your condition improves or complications arise, you may be taken off the transplant list. Always discuss any concerns with your transplant team. If you need to make lifestyle changes before getting a transplant, you should continue with them after your transplant to ensure the best outcome. Remaining healthy and active before the transplant will make recovery easier.

  • Take care of your health. Take your prescribed medicines. Notify your transplant coordinator about all of your health issues and any other prescriptions.
  • Keep your scheduled appointments with your physicians. Until your transplant, you will need to meet with the transplant team so that they can evaluate your overall health.
  • Follow diet and exercise guidelines. Weight management is important while waiting for your transplant. A dietician and physical therapist can help you develop a program that will give you the best results. Ask about ways to reduce the use of painkillers and how to manage issues with alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.
  • Make sure you are available. Your transplant team needs to know how to reach you at all times. Cell phones, pagers, or answering machines may be required by your transplant center. Your transplant coordinator may ask you to stay within a certain geographic range.
  • Complete medical tests and procedures. Ask your transplant team about other elective or required surgeries (not related to your organ failure) before your transplant.
  • Women of childbearing age: Ask your medical team about birth control and pregnancy and what precautions you should take before and after your transplant.
  • Stay organized. Keep a binder of your records to help you manage your medical information. Stay in contact with your transplant team to learn about your waiting list status.

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